Visa information for your specific challenge and protocol for handling money on your trek

American nationals do not need to apply for visas for travel in Peru before their arrival in Cusco.

Will I need a visa for my Machu Picchu Challenge?

Visit the Embassy of Tanzania website for the most current visa information. Read the page on visas and immigration to ensure you will have the correct status during your visit to Tanzania.

You can find the step-by-step and checklist for applying for your visa here. We suggest applying for an ordinary tourist visa.

Will I need a visa for my Kilimanjaro Challenge?

Will I need a visa for my Everest Challenge?

You can apply for a visa in person, by mail or on arrival. We ask that you apply for a 30-day tourist visa and recommend doing so in advance.

Will I be able to use a credit or debit card?

You will be able to use ATMs in major towns and airports while on your challenge - however you should not rely on your card as you might in the US. For the majority of your trip you will need to rely heavily on cash.  

It is always a good idea to inform your bank that you will be traveling abroad to ensure that your card will work. VISA is the most widely accepted form of credit or debit card. Some other cards may not be accepted. 

Will I be able to exchange money while I am away?

You will be able to change most major currencies in main towns and airports. You will most likely be able to withdraw local currency from local ATMs. We recommend withdrawing cash and making exchanges before you leave. If you are looking to use an ATM while you are away then we would recommend letting your bank know. 

NOTE: Only ever exchange money using authorized banks or money changers and always insist on - and check - receipts for your transactions.

What type of money should I take with me?

Please refer to your Challenge Briefing pack for for the local currency in the country that you will be traveling to. US Dollars are also widely accepted in the destinations that Choose a Challenge travels to.

If you are using US dollars abroad then please ensure that they are issued after 2001 and in reasonable condition to avoid any issues with them being accepted.