Interested in getting your club, fraternity, sorority, sports team, or campus involved in the Choose a Challenge Program?

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Find it hard to get people involved in philanthropy events? We believe that everyone wants to engage with philanthropy while in school, but with the demand of a college schedule, it is not always easy to engage their interest. If we are being honest, it might be a little easier when you are offering them the trip of a lifetime! By bringing a Choose a Challenge event to your campus, you will not only be rebranding the idea of philanthropy but crushing your fundraising targets as well.


Adventure is what we do and it is exciting in every way. By offering your members the chance to take on something truly spectacular, you will become a group that people will want to become involved with. Who doesn't want to join a chapter or team who sends at least 50 people to climb to Mt. Everest every year?

Build Community

Our challenges revolve around team work. Whether it is meeting with the team prior to departure, giving each other the final push at the end of a marathon, or helping each other reach the summit of a mountain, team work is undoubtedly the name of the game. More importantly, it teaches people the importance of community - both internal and external to the university community.

Character Building

Billy Ocean said, 'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.' There is nothing more true than this. Our challenges allow your members to find elements of their character they may not have known existed. This could involve everything from expanding their fitness goals, finding a new passion for leadership and adventure, or even growing in the art of altruism and giving. These will be traits that they bring back home and help others grow in this spirit as well. 

Media Coverage

Some types of publicity can be bad, but the sort you'll generate from raising $60,000 for charity and climbing mountains certainly isn't. Our teams are regularly covered in local and nationwide publications in their efforts to take on incredible feats.

Training and Careers

It's true that the job market is a tough place and none more so than in the interview room. Not only do our leaders get put through extensive training in leadership, management, and marketing, but all of our team members end up with stories that make them stand out from the crowd - this experience will not only be amazing, but also packed full of transferable skills.

Summit the Mountain

Finally, who doesn't want to be the president, philanthropy chair, or student advisor who offers their students the chance to climb to the peak of one of the 7 highest peaks in the world and proudly hold up their logo, letters or colors there?



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Are you a leader?

If you feel you have what it takes to get a group of students signed up & help them to reach their fundraising target, let us know. We are expanding to universities all across the US and would love to hear from you. 

No Fundraising Target

Your number #1 goal as a challenge leader is to recruit 20 other students from your university to join your team. If you do that, we’ll wipe away your fundraising target – completely.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Imagine having on your resume the experience of leading a team of 20 other students up a mountain while also raising thousands of dollars for charity. Stand out from the crowd and show future employers that you’re a go-getter. Plus, who knows, we might even end up hiring you ourselves…

Be The Inspiration

It is your responsibility to guide your team through the entire process. From signing up to the time of your trip departure, you will learn what it takes to inspire, encourage, and motivate your fellow peers. We will make sure you get the support and training you need to come out of this with the confidence you require to take on any challenge.

Make a Real Difference

By leading a full team to their fundraising targets, you could be a part of an effort to help raise over $80,000 for charity. There’s no better feeling than knowing what that money could do and the fact you raised it. 

The Challenge of a Lifetime

Being a Campus Leader isn’t just about leading your team; you will also be tackling the challenge yourself. Out of all the things you’ll do during college, there are not many other experiences that are as challenging as this, but trust us – you’ll remember it forever.