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If you are requesting to cancel, please note that registration fees are non-refundable after the 72-hour cooling off period. If your 2nd registration fee hasn’t been paid yet, it will be charged at the point of cancellation. However, in the event of personal injury, family bereavement or other exceptional circumstances then you may be able to make a claim through your travel insurance policy in order to have these payments reimbursed.

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You can view full terms & conditions on our website here.

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If you are cancelling your space and are outside of the 72-hour cooling-off period after you signed up and have not already paid your second registration fee installment, this payment will still be charged after cancellation. Transfers are subject to availability and incur a $150 transfer fee. Deferrals are subject to availability and incure a $300 deferral fee Depending on how soon it is before your departure, travel changes (adding/removing flights or extensions) will be subject to availability and may be subject to additional fees to cover non-recoverable costs to us for changing your booking. Additional fees for these changes may total several hundred dollars dependent on these non-recoverable costs. We will confirm these costs with you before making any changes. Travel changes within 12 weeks of departure are not permitted. Refunds will be due only per our Terms & Conditions. You can find full Terms & Conditions here.
If you are canceling your booking, please let us know why. This will help us improve our trips for future years.
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