Please complete the following form in order to request a change to your travel option.

Please note that there will be an administration charge of $150 for all changes to your travel option. If you are adding on an extension trip, this $150 will go towards your registration fee.

In addition to this, if there is any fare increase in the cost of your trip as a result of your change in travel option then we will confirm any additional costs before making this change for you.

If you are removing an extension trip, then the registration fee is non-refundable as it has been committed to securing the bookings for your extension trip. If you adding an extension trip, then the initial registration fee will need to be paid at the point of changing your travel option. The final balance payment for the extension trip will be due 10 weeks before you are due to travel.

All travel option changes are subject to availability, and we cannot confirm the change to your travel option until any payments are successfully completed. Change of travel options within 12 weeks of your departure date are not permitted.

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