Your safety on our treks is our top Priority


What do you do to ensure that my challenge is safe?



We work closely will all of our partners in-country to ensure that all of your accommodation and transport is of a high standard. We also monitor the US State Department advice for all of the countries that we operate in to ensure that our information is up to date. You can find up to date travel advice from the USSD at their website.  

You can also refer to your Challenge Briefing Pack for additional advice on how to ensure you stay safe while you are away.  

Although (with the exception of our Kilimanjaro Trek) there will not always be a doctor taking part on your challenge, all guides are trained in emergency response and wilderness first aid. 

All of our guides also carry a comprehensive first aid kit at all times.

Will there be a doctor on my trek?

Yes - all of our main guides will be fluent in English

Will our guides speak English?

All of our support staff are paid a fair wage for their efforts. Nonetheless, they do work hard in challenging conditions so, if you feel that they have provided an excellent service, you may consider tipping them. Please refer to your Challenge Briefing Pack for recommended tipping amounts and procedures.

What about tipping?

How can I stay safe while I am abroad?

  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and keep your money and valuables well hidden.

  • Avoid external money pouches, dangling backpacks and camera bags.

  • When bargaining or discussing prices you should not do so with your money or wallet in your hands.

  • Don't wander around at night, always stay in a group and use a licensed taxi.

  • Be skeptical of any strangers who approach you asking if you remember them from the airport, hotel, etc. no matter how friendly the seem.

  • Keep your bags close to you at all times.

  • Only exchange money using authorized banks or moneychangers and always insist on a receipt.

  • Try to learn at least a few phrases in the local language - it will be appreciated.

  • Keep your money and passport in a safe place at all times.

  • Don't become involved in drugs of any kind. The penalties for smuggling, possession, purchase, and use of drugs are severe. Convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines, irrespective of nationality.  

Who can I contact in case of emergency?

If you have any emergencies during US office hours (9:00AM-5:00PM EST) then please call 646-568-9694

For emergencies outside of these hours then please call +44 208 798 0080 to reach our english-speaking 24/7 help line. 

What can I do to stay safe during my trek?

Always follow the advice of your guides; they are highly experienced and have been leading teams on all of our challenges for many years. 

Take everything nice and slowly. There is plenty of time on each given day to complete the required distance, so there is no need to rush as this will tire you out more than necessary and increase the chance of injury or accident. 

If you have any questions or concerns do not be afraid to ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question and it is much harder to help if any potential issues go unnoticed.