What you need to know about being in another country and respecting other cultures' values

Our policy is to carry out & throw away all non-biodegradable trash. Biodegradable trash should be left in the appropriate containers/bags. Please do not leave foods like apple cores and banana skins on the ground. 

While trekking, there are generally no toliets between camps, so please try and use official toilets where possible. If you are caught short then please dispose of any toilet tissues appropriately in containers or bags. 

What should I do with my litter?

Please do not hand out money to beggars. Giving to a local charity is far more effective and reduces expectations and reliance. 

What should I do if I encounter any beggars?

Can I haggle or bargain for goods?

Haggling is all part of the fun when buying souvenirs abroad, but try not to be over-aggressive about prices that are relatively inexpensive to begin with. It may not seem like much to you, but it is someone else's living! Besides, a broad grin and a sense of humor are far more likely to get you the discount that you want. 

Can I bring home souvenirs?

If you would like to purchase any souvenirs then we suggest buying locally-made crafts that support local skills. Avoid buying items that exploit or threaten endangered wildlife species (e.g. ivory or "ancient artifacts"). These probably wouldn't be anywhere near as ancient as the vendor may imply.

Don't purchase any seashells or animal skins (e.g. snake skins) as you will be stopped at the airport.

Try not to damage any plants or trees that that you see along the route of your challenge. Any wild animals that you encounter should not be fed or disturbed.

How can I help protect local plants and wildlife?

Choose a Challenge is fully aware of the social and economic issues that can be associated with tourism in the developing countries our challenges take place. We only work with local ground operators who are ethically responsible and who support community tourism projects. Welfare of the porters is a top priority and our local partners are monitored to ensure standards are adhered to. 

What do you do to ensure porter welfare?

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