Welcome to our official charity partner page for OneSight. Here you'll be able to find out about the work they do, why they do it and who your charity representative is for your trip. Feel free to ask them any fundraising-related questions you may have or just say hello!

meet jenni

Jenni Eilers  Engagement Manager  Email:  jeilers@onesight.org    

Jenni Eilers
Engagement Manager

Email: jeilers@onesight.org



“Everything looks so beautiful now!”


Rihana, Age 6 - Muritinga, Brazil

What is OneSight?

OneSight is the leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing access to an eye exam and glasses to the 1.1 billion people who have no way to get them. We have a proven model that provides permanent access to vision care and glasses in the US and around the world and we are pioneering new ways to deliver quality vision care to the most remote communities in need. We believe one’s location and circumstances should not stand in the way of one’s potential. Our goal is to create a world where lack of access to vision care is no longer a barrier to human achievement, and every donation gets us one step closer to making that world a reality. For more information, visit www.onesight.org.


Why OneSight?

Imagine if you were a school kid and couldn’t see the board or your textbook clearly. Or if your job depended on you being able to read a screen that was fuzzy? Now imagine there’s nothing you can do about it because there isn’t anyone who can give you an eye exam or a pair of glasses to help. That’s why OneSight exists: we help the 1 in 7 people worldwide get the eye care they need to see clearly. Because when we see better, we live better.

Why does clear sight matter?

  • It helps kids do up to 2x better in school

  • It helps workers earn up to 35% more

  • It keeps people connected to their families and their community