looking to Lead This time Around?

The Choose a Challenge program provides unique opportunities for college students to assume a leadership role amongst their peers on campus. As you all know, one of these leadership roles is that of Campus Leader, a student who signs up with Choose a Challenge to build a team at their school, promote their trip, and take on an amazing adventure with the teammates they recruit. Together, our Campus Leaders and Vice-Captains work with Choose a Challenge and our charity partners to bring this amazing program to their fellow students and take on incredible journeys in the process. We want to make this clear: we would not be able to do what we do, if it weren’t for students like you!

However, we think the best leaders come from the large family of students who have already participated in our challenges and are ready to take the next step! We want YOU to be our leaders of the future and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish with you in this new role. Filling out the application form below is the last step you need to take to assume the role of Campus Leader and lead on your own adventure with us this year!

Prior to filling out this application, make sure you are comfortable with the details of the trip you are planning to lead on and the role of the campus leader. If you have any questions , don’t hesitate to reach out to Choose A Challenge, where a representative will quickly get you what you need. Complete the form below to begin the Campus Leader application process.

Campus Leader Application

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If you have not done so already, use the following scheduling link to set up a meeting with a Choose a Challenge representative. If possible, this meeting should fall within the next 10 business days. Scheduling link: https://calendly.com/choose-a-challenge/30min