All you need to know about food, water and any dietary needs along your trek

We can cater to the vast majority of dietary requirements (provided you let us know beforehand).

You can update your dietary requirements by logging into your registration portal or by giving us a call in the office

I have dietary requirements, can you cater to them?

All your main meals and water will be provided on your challenge. Please refer to your Challenge Information Pack to see which meals are provided before and after your challenge. 


What food is included?

All of the water provided by us on your challenge is safe to drink. 

However, you may choose to treat your water with water purification tablets of filter it using special water bottles as a matter of personal preference.

Do I need to treat my water?

How much water should I be drinking per day?

You should aim to drink between 3 and 5 liters (at least a gallon) of water per day. We would recommend upping your intake of water in the weeks leading up to your challenge so that your body is used to drinking that much water by the time you are on your trek.

Why do I need to drink so much water while trekking?

Hydration is extremely important. Drinking plenty of water while trekking will replace the fluids lost through sweating, help your body to acclimatize to any effects of altitude and regulate the chemical balance in your body.

How should I carry my water?

It is a matter of personal preference as to how you would like to carry your water. 
Water bladders are convenient as they allow you to drink and walk at the same time, but they can be trickier to keep clean. Wide mouth or sports cap water bottles will also work fine. We recommend carrying a combination of the two, so you can carry at least 3 liters of water at once and not have to refill often.

Always stick with bottled water rather than drinking from the tap. We would also recommend avoiding ice in any drinks that you may have. 

We would advise avoiding alcoholic and highly caffeinated drinks before and during your challenge as they can dehydrate you and affect your sleeping patterns. 

What should I drink/not drink in-country?

Keeping energy levels up is extremely important on trekking days. Altitude can cause loss of appetite, but it is important to eat at all mealtimes. Even if you are not feeling hungry or are nauseous, try and eat something; even if it’s just a cereal bar!

Good snacks to eat include:

  • Dried fruit & nuts

  • Trail mix

  • Glucose tablets

  • Power bars

  • & many more

We'd recommend bringing some comfort snacks for if times get tough! 

Do I need to bring extra snacks with me?