Thinking of becoming a Campus rep?

What it takes to bring a challenge to your campus

Are you up for the challenge?

We are always on the lookout for outgoing students with a passion for adventure to join our worldwide network of challengers. If you have what it takes to get other  students signed up for an amazing challenge, you could walk off with some serious cash! We are expanding to universities all across the United States and would love to hear from you. Please note this position is open only to those who have ALREADY signed up for the Barcelona Marathon Challenge. 


Representative Benefits

$$ In your Pocket

We'll give you all the knowledge you need to know to answer questions and get people excited about your challenge, provide you with a personal support point-person to answer any and all questions, and send you digital flyers to help spread the word about running Barcelona for B+! Your number #1 goal as a challenge leader is to get other students from your university to join your challenge. You'll get $50 for every person who you get to sign up - with no limits to how much you could make. Everyone you refer will also get $$ off their booking too!

Stand Out From The Crowd

Imagine having on your resume the experience of getting a team of other students on a world-class marathon while also raising thousands of dollars for charity. Stand out from the crowd and show future employers that you’re a go-getter. Plus, who knows, we might even end up hiring you ourselves…

Be The Inspiration

From signing up to the time of your trip departure, you will learn what it takes to inspire, encourage, and motivate yourself for the challenge of a lifetime. Not only will this be incredible rewarding for yourself, but you'll also have the support from Choose a Challenge and the B+ Foundation. We will make sure you get the support and training you need to come out of this with the confidence you require to take on any challenge that comes at you in the future

Make a Real Difference

By getting others to join the challenge, you could be a part of an effort to help raise incredible amounts for charity. There’s no better feeling than knowing what that money could do and the fact you raised it. 

Who are we looking for?

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Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Do you have what it takes to seize the moment and take on a challenge of a lifetime? We don’t just want people who are up for a challenge, but rather people who would really love to experience a completely different way to travel. Maybe you're an extrovert or seeking to meet new people on campus. Maybe you're the Student Government President looking for a way to truly engage your student body. If you've got the drive and personality to tell everyone from your friends to a group of students sitting in student center to come join you on a huge adventure, you're our ideal candidate. We guarantee that you will meet some incredible people in this role.

Passionate about making a difference?

Challenges aren’t just about making it to the summit or finish line – it’s about raising crucial funds for an incredible cause. We want people who really care about making a difference to take on that 26.2 miles.

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Want to encourage, motivate and inspire other students?

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” 
As cliché as this might sound, you will need determination and a strong drive to run this marathon. You will probably be faced with obstacles along the way, but in the end, it is important to use your enthusiasm and creativity to overcome these road blocks. We want to make sure nothing stands in the way of you and your fellow students.

If you are willing to take a risk and push yourself to achieve things you never thought possible, then our Campus Representative role may be for you.