role description

We are currently looking to hire students who preferably have taken on a challenge with us in the past and can deliver on campus trip information presentations with schools we plan to work at.

You’ll also be expected to attend a training session at our Brooklyn office in July 2019

Key responsibilities:

Brand Ambassadors will be required to visit a predetermined amount of university campuses to assist with the promotion of our events. The role may include:

Information Meetings:

  • Visit that university’s campus for the day to run an information meeting about one of our challenges

  • Hang up and hand out flyers prior to the information meeting

  • Run the Information Meeting (after receiving training from Choose a Challenge) to promote the challenge to students and inspire them to take on the adventure

  • Take at least 4 pictures in Choose a Challenge attire for social media per campus

  • Collect emails from interested students and properly send them back to Choose a Challenge

  • PLUS the opportunity to earn additional financial compensation through our Bonus Rewards program

What’s in it for you?

Working at Choose a Challenge will give you the opportunity to work for a fresh and innovative young company. Even in a fixed-term role, You’ll develop skills and have tangible resume experience in sales, marketing, social media, etc that you can use to make yourself more marketable to future employers. It also goes without saying that if you’re successful in this role, we would have no problem writing you any recommendation letters you may need in the future to help advance your job prospects.

Why is this role important?

Our Brand Ambassadors are an extension and representation of the Choose a Challenge brand. Our core values are solely focused on not only making a difference in the lives of college students, but to the charities and people we help through every dollar that is fundraised. Although this position is only for the short-term, every person you interact with on campus and possibly recruit to take on one of our trips, is going to help raise potentially thousands of dollars more for charity, which will obviously have a long-term impact. Choose a Challenge is growing with every campus we work at and you’re a big part of that process and our long-term success. Without you, we wouldn't be able to physically be in so many places at once, which is why our Brand Ambassador program is so crucial to our growth as an organization.


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