And that is that. Our first Kilimanjaro climbers of the Summer have stood aloft the peak of Africa and conquered what they set their minds upon achieving a mere 7 months ago. Although they are now back in the relative comfort of our hotel enjoying a well earned meal and shower they will undoubtedly have gained memories and a story which will last a lifetime. 

I loved it but also wished for death at some points, so all in all it was perfect!
— Katherine Chipdey - UCONN, Make a Wish CT

Over the last 48 hours the team have conquered one of the worlds 7 peaks (an accolade given to the highest point on each continent) and can now say they have climbed the worlds highest free standing mountain. Summit night took its toll on the team and was made especially hard with winds gusting between 20-30mph but 19 out of our 21 climbers made it to Uhuru peak with the remaining 2 climbers battling hard but falling just short of making the crater basin. Still to climb higher than 17,000 feet is an incredible achievement and goes to show what a challenge Kilimanjaro really can be.

We managed to grab a few words with Tom Petrie, our Client Relationship Manager, who has supervised teams climbing Kilimanjaro for almost 6 years and has taken on the mountain and many of our other challenges multiple times. He climbed again with our #Kili01 team and had this to say;

It was an amazing experience taking on Kilimanjaro again with our first US team of 2017. Seeing hundreds of climbers tackle Kilimanjaro year on year makes it easy to forget the truly once in a lifetime challenge it really is. The team from Boston, UCONN and Penn State really reminded me of what can be gained when a group of people come together to make a difference
— Tom Petrie - Client Relationship Manager - Choose a Challenge

The majority of the team and now planning to make the most of their time in Tanzania and are heading off to explore the unbelievable scenes of Ngorongoro Crater before having some well earned rest on the idylicc island of Zanzibar. Thanks to our team of guides, porters, chefs and medics who provided the backbone of this expedition and our island entertainment team on Zanzibar looks forward to welcoming you.

The most satisfying experience of my life
— Jillian Mauriello - UCONN, Make a Wish CT

Thanks also to the support of The Make a Wish Foundation, The Andrew Mcdonough B+ Foundation, Medical Missions for Children and the hundreds of friends, family members and companies who supported the climbers. Without your love and support this expedition would not have been possible and the $100,000+ which has been raised for three wonderful causes would not have happened.

We'll leave you with a few photos from the certificate ceremony.

The team were great and very fun to work with, I’m glad they came to Tanzania to challenge themselves on Kilimanjaro.
— - Guide #Kili01

We'll be uploading all our photos and videos in a Facebook album over the coming week.


Thanks for staying tuned to the progress of our #KILI01 team throughout their journey to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Here at Choose a Challenge HQ the very best part of our year is seeing teams conquer their endeavour after a long few months of fundraising and training. It makes it even more special when in this case, the team in question, is our first team in an exciting new era in the life of Choose a Challenge.

We began in Tanzania in 2008 and have since worked predominantly in the UK taking in excess of 10,000 students away to hundreds of challenges around the world, who in turn have raised over $25,000,000 for a variety of incredible causes. In 2016 we began work in the USA and found Lexa, Logan and Katherine who were willing to step out of their comfort zones and lead for us on their campuses. We were so impressed by their and their eventual teams commitment, passion and success that we set up full time in the USA.

We now have a New York office and are looking for student leaders across the East Coast who want to take on a challenge, boost their resume in a totally unique way and raise money for a cause close to their hearts.

How can you help?

Obviously If you know anyone who would like to lead on a challenge, join a team and take on a challenge or even a charity who could benefit by working with us please tag them in any of our posts or point them to our website. But just as importantly talk, talk about us and talk to us or if you really like what we do leave us a review on our Facebook page as ultimately it's all of you who make us. 

Thank you.