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The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
— Rob Siltanen

Crunch Time

We're at the tail end of recruiting for the month of September and I think we're all collectively forgetting what our office looks like back in Brooklyn since we've been out on the road. As we mentioned last week, we visited a bunch of schools including UConn, Montclair State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Ramapo College (NJ), NYU, UMass-Amherst and Boston University. We did everything from setting up promotional tables on campus, hanging up even more posters and flyers, and hold information meetings for interested students looking to take on our challenges. Here are some milestones from this past week, way to go team!

Promotional table from one of our visits to the University of Connecticut on 9/21/17

Promotional table from one of our visits to the University of Connecticut on 9/21/17

Week 3 Highlights

  • We were able to conduct 7 information meetings 
  • UConn & UMass-Amherst were the big winners drawing in around 50 total people each to their info meetings
  • Received nearly 700 total interest emails
  • As of this post, we're at over 120 total sign-ups across all of our participating schools!

More photos

What's Next 

The What's Next section will feature upcoming events, developments and news from the team on our recruitment journey. This will feature highlights from our social media accounts and posts about how close we are to hitting our year-long goal.

Now it's time for recruitment season to really begin...

After wrapping up the month of September and having our team scattered throughout different college campuses across the northeast, it's time to get down to brass tax: Post-Meeting Recruitment. It's one thing to spread our company's mission to all these different schools and get the first big wave of excited students signing up, but it's another to fill these trekking teams up completely. We want to make sure anyone who couldn't make it to one of our informational meetings has the chance to sign up and learn more how our challenges work. This means on-point logistical service for students, engaging social media campaigns, having our leaders promote their own trips on campus and getting our existing sign-ups ready to start fundraising!

If you attend any of the universities mentioned above and are either interested or know someone that might be interested in taking on one of our challenges at your school, please click below to learn more about your trip:

Boston College
Boston University
Columbia University
George Washington University
Montclair State University
New York University
Rutgers University
Ramapo College (NJ)
Southern Connecticut State University
University of Connecticut

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media to get the latest on where we are daily and how we're doing on our #PathTo1Million . See you at the finish line! 


Mike and the Choose a Challenge team