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The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
— Rob Siltanen

Keep on keepin' on

After a successful week 1 of recruitment together the team will now divide and conquer as we'll be promoting at a total of 5 schools this week. We'll be making stops at UConn, Montclair State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Ramapo College (NJ), and Boston College.

The team visits GWU

Week 1 we had the entire team together as we traveled down to Washington D.C. to help our George Washington University leader, Phoebe Elizaga, promote for her information meeting. To our excitement, we filled every single seat in the room and due to the flurry of sign-ups so far we only have 7 spots left as of this post! 

We spent a total of three days down in D.C. taking in the sights and spreading out all over GWU's city campus hanging up posters, handing out flyers and collecting emails from interested students. Luckily the weather was beautiful for a full day of in-person and online promotion, culminating with our information meeting in the Marvin Center.

Week 2 Highlights

  • The week kicked off with Mike heading up to Storrs, Connecticut to visit our UConn leader, Jeremy Keckler. The afternoon was spent hanging up an absurd amount of posters and flyers in creative fashion to get people's attention. UCONN's campus is massive so there was a lot of territory to cover, such as the library, lecture halls, student centers and athletic facilities. Mike also stopped by Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT to promote with Rolando Galindo, our leader there. As posters were being hung up (including an impressive pyramid of trip flyers in the student center) students kept asking what the trip was all about and how they could get involved. Definitely a positive response so far with those CT-based schools.
  • Nick headed up both Montclair State and Ramapo College of New Jersey this week as well. Montclair State University's student center (right outside the cafeteria) was a key area to cross paths with students and with the help of our leader, Heather Francis, we were able to get a lot of interested people on our email sign-up list. The next day he was off to Ramapo College with the same plan of attack and from the photos below you can see that there were plenty of posters hung up to get the word out.
  • One of the big highlights of the week was Simon & Ash heading up to Boston to conduct an information meeting at Boston College with our leader, Brandon Buttomesso. To our surprise, we had 12 signups within the first 24 hours of our information meeting. This is huge for not only us, but for Brandon who realistically could have his entire team signed up in the coming weeks. Way to go guys!


What's Next 

The What's Next section will feature upcoming destinations on our month-long campus road trip over the entire month of September. This will feature a good deal of social media content and posts about our upcoming information meetings with each of our leaders.

Some of the next information meetings we have lined up at the top of next week include Southern Connecticut State University and UMass-Amherst.

Our entire team will be spread out all over the northeast visiting our leaders and helping them conduct their information meetings at their respective schools. Ben Burtis, our UMass-Amherst leader, is a Senior who will be leading a team to summit Mount Kilimanjaro early next summer. Rolando Galindo, our SCSU leader, is a Junior who will be leading his team on a trek to the lost city of the Incas in Machu Picchu early next summer. To learn more about their team's trip, head over to the SCSU Team information page or UMass' Team page. If you're an interested student yourself, you can RSVP via Facebook to either information meeting for SCSU or UMass as well.

We'll also be hosting trip information meetings at the University of Connecticut, Boston University, Montclair State University and Ramapo College of New Jersey.

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media to get the latest on where we are daily and how we're doing on our #PathTo1Million . See you at the finish line! 


Mike and the Choose a Challenge team