It's The Final Countdown

(Well sort of)

It's March people! We've got St. Patricks Day and Spring Break right around the corner, but also some very important deadlines for our trekkers heading out in May:

10 Weeks Before Departure:
Extension trip balances due
8 Weeks Before Departure: 
Fundraising Deadline
8 Weeks Before Departure: 
Deadline to add/remove flexi-funding

For any questions on these deadlines or anything else you can always email our support team at

The URL for our registration system has changed. This is part of the ongoing work our team is making to improve your trip portal experience. Please bookmark this link and login:

What's New?


NGLA 2018

A few members of the Choose a Challenge staff, including two of our current student leaders, Ben Burtis of UMass-Amherst '18 and Lexa Nutter of Boston University '19, attended the annual NGLA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. The NGLA or "National Greek Leaders Association" holds a conference every year for greek leaders from campuses all over the northeast to come together and learn how to better lead their respective greek chapters and learn about new opportunities (like us! 😁). We connected with dozens of chapter leaders and look forward to eventually vetting the next wave of Choose a Challenge participants and leaders. You can check out photos of our team at the conference here.

What You Missed


How I Fundraised $2,500
in a Few Weeks

We caught up with one of our newest trekkers who has already raised over 60% of her total fundraising target in just a matter of weeks #HowWeRaise

Read Here

#HowWeRaise banner.jpg
Andrew Burrell, Boston University

Andrew Burrell, Boston University

Megan Chan, Ramapo College Alumni

Megan Chan, Ramapo College Alumni

For more fundraising stories and ideas check out Andrew Burrell and Megan Chan's (pictured above) fundraising journeys above:

Got a fundraising event or story from your team that you want to share? Email us and make sure to use the hashtag #HowWeRaise on social media

Meet Gabby!

Gabby - Photo.JPG

We're excited to welcome Gabby Gialaboukis, as the latest member to join the Choose a Challenge team. We sat down with Gabby on her first day in the office for a little Q&A session to get to know her a little better:


  1. Tell us a little about yourself

    I was raised in Putnam County, NY and then moved to NYC for college in Manhattan to attend Pace University. After living and going to school there for four years I recieved my degree in communications. Currently, I'm living in Greenpoint over in Brooklyn where I love to visit art galleries, take photos and explore the rest of the city.  

  2. Where have you traveled before? Where’s your favorite place?

    My first big travel memory has to be traveling to Greece with my family. My father was born and raised there so we go just about every other summer. It's my favorite trip because Greece has become like a second home for me. I've also been to Hawaii back when I was in high school, I took a trip to Mexico in college, and this past summer I went on a euro trip with my sister. We traveled for two weeks seeing everywhere from London to Paris to Brussels and even Amsterdam.

  3. What are you most excited for now that you've joined the Choose a Challenge team?

    I'm honestly excited to take on more responsibility, meet new people and learn a lot of new things, but overall it just feels good to work for an organization that partners hand-in-hand with charities to make a difference and I feel like you don't see that all the time.

  4. Why Choose a Challenge?

    What first got my attention was how unique it was to have the backing and prior experience from our UK team and still maintain that close-knit team-feel out here in the U.S. It's also a great chance to learn and grow with a company instead of being stuck at the same type of corporate job forever.

  5. What’s your favorite part of the office so far?

    The amenities. There are a bunch of different events going on during the week it seems and they literally happen almost every single day, which is super exciting. It seems like a place where it would be hard to become bored. The breakaway spaces located in the lounge, where you can work quietly, are a nice touch as well.

  6. When you’re not working, what are you usually up to?

    I love taking pictures. For now it's usually on my iPhone, but eventually i'd like to save up enough money to get a camera of my own. I'd also like to build up my own social media presence through photography, videography, and maybe starting a youtube channel with personalized content as well. Other than that, you can find me exploring museums and reading a lot. I actually read about 20 books last year so I hope to beat that number this year in 2018!

It's shaping up to be an exciting month for us here at Choose a Challenge and we can't wait to share more with you!


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