Today marks the beginning of your Marathon training. 

You've got 10 and 5k down, and now its start to work on some serious training. We've compiled some fantastic marathon training plans from Asics to help you get ready for your marathon ahead. We recommend these plans to anyone who wants to be as prepared as possible for their run!

These training plans are designed to help you achieve a specific time in your marathon itself. They are bespoke plans to help you achieve a race time of "sub-" (or under) a certain time.

The Sub-5:00 training plan is for any runner looking to achieve a time under 5 hours. Start here if you're a beginner.


If you're a little bit more experienced, or a little more ambitious beginner, start here - with the Sub-4:30 plan. 

At Sub-4:00, we are getting much more advanced. If you're feeling pretty confident, this is the plan for you

Again, Sub-3:30 is becoming increasingly advanced. These will be longer, faster runs throughout the plan.

Finally, the Sub-3:00 plan is for our most elite runners. Only take on this plan if you're an experienced runner.


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