Where to get that perfect photo during your trip to peru

We get it. Sometimes getting the perfect Instagram picture really is that important. How else are people going to know what an awesome time you’re having? Just kidding. But really, if you plan on traveling to Peru any time soon, whether through our program or on your own, then you’re in luck. Below I’ve outlined some of the most Instagrammable places you can find while exploring Cusco, Peru.


Flowers in Plaza de Armas

Vibrant flowers can be found throughout Plaza De Armas in the city center (you’ll also probably see some dogs frollicing around in these!) Capture these beauties up close, and be sure to try and get the Cusco Cathedral in the background for some added dimension.


historic churches

The architecture of the churches was probably one of my favorite parts about the city. Some being built as early as the 1500s, the churches are a relic of Spanish and Incan culture. You can book tours inside many of them, although some won’t allow you to take photos, like the Cusco Cathedral. However, I just observed from the outside. The one pictured here is called The Company of Jesus.


A Balcony Cafe

There are tons of cute little cafes and restaurants throughout Cusco. Find one with a balcony and take in the awesome views. The best time to snag a spot at one of these is bright and early in the morning, or in the evening around 4:30-5pm. During the day, especially around lunch, it can be difficult to find a place to sit outside. The cafe that I visited specifically was Cappuccino Cafe, located at Portal de Comercio and Del Medio.


Catalina Menta Bakery

This charming little shop of sweets is the perfect spot to spend an hour of your afternoon. Not only is the food delicious (they have sweet and savory options), but the decor is extremely cute. Check out some of their goodies here.

*Added bonus: There are vegan options as well!


The Cristo Blanco

Want breathtaking 360 views of the city? Look no further than a trip up to the Cristo Blanco - a statue of Christ located atop a hill just outside of the city. If you’re coming from the Plaza De Armas area, it’s about a 15-20 minute drive up here, or a 30-40 minute walk. You won’t need too much time at the monument, but a trip to Cusco wouldn’t be the same without it!


Above are just a few spots worth visiting and snapshotting while in the city. However, we’re constantly posting photos from incredible places all over the world on our Instagram.

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