What you need to know before traveling

It’s departure season all over again at Choose a Challenge USA and for a lot of our travelers this means preparing for what, for many, will be their first large scale adventure travel event taking place in a foreign country. Taking on an adventure of this magnitude is by no means a walk in the park, but throw in the unknowns of traveling in a foreign country and the anxiousness becomes all too real. But, fear not. Pre-departure nerves are common and here’s our guide to combat any travel worries and get you in the right mindset for the trip of a lifetime. 

This is Actually Achievable

Firstly, although our group student travel experiences are designed to be challenging, they are also designed to be achievable. Whether you are hiking to Machu Picchu, trekking the 10-day route to Everest Base Camp, taking on Mount Kilimanjaro or running your first marathon we’ll be supporting you every step of the way. Although it’s not always going to be easy, these trips have been designed with your ability levels in mind. As such, our adventures are designed to be as safe, affordable, beginner-friendly and digestible as possible. A practical way in which we do this is by providing all transport from port to port, meaning you can sit back and relax in the capable hands of our in-country team. On our marathon trips, where you may be slightly more familiar with getting around, our team often joins in on the races, providing a friendly face running the race right there with you.

UConn travels to Machu Picchu in May 2018

UConn travels to Machu Picchu in May 2018

Our Trips Are Made For Students and Their Lifestyle

Similarly, our trips are designed not only with first-timers in mind, but college students specifically. Chances are you’ll be with anywhere from four to thirty other travelers with the same fears and pressures as you. During and before your trip we recognize the demands of being a student and try and combat your busy schedules in the months and weeks leading up to the trip by providing all information in bite-sized quantities. Make sure to read all this material before you depart to answer those pressing questions and take some of the pressure off yourself. These information packs, Facebook posts, forums and emails will answer everything from visas to vaccinations. Similarly your peers both before and on the trip will be an invaluable source of information and inspiration. A unique aspect of Choose a Challenge is our ICO program for Nepal and Tanzania. ICOs, or “in-country operatives”, are for the most part, former students who have taken on our trips before and are based in our in-country hotels to answer any last minute concerns you may have right there in destination.

Locally Led Trips Make the Difference

Thirdly, on top of the support of your friends, family, the Choose a Challenge team and charity reps, we work with only the best in-country teams to ensure your comfortable while traveling. Most of our locally led, English speaking, teams have been working with Choose a Challenge for many years and will not only know the best spots to go, but also what unique needs our groups may need. Many of our guides, medics and hosts will become friends for many year a come.

You’re Not the Only One Who’s Excited

Finally, you can forget about the stress of staying in constant contact with your friends and family as we focus on tracking your trip and letting your friends and family know how you are getting on. Read all about our trip tracking ability here or watch the video below. Similarly if it’s not your concerns you are worried about but more that of your parents and guardians, point them to our safety and ethics page where they can read the in’s and out’s of how we constantly work to go above and beyond to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

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So relax, explore, savor the moment and keep on pushing yourself! Hakuna Matata.

For handy guides on all your in country needs and more general trip prep, no matter what trip you are on, follow our blog and some of the posts listed below.