A Lesson learned is a Lesson Remembered:

Feedback from our 2018 Overseas Departures


It was a dream to take over 100 students away to Peru, Tanzania and Nepal through May of 2018 and it was even more of a pleasure reading through the feedback provided by you after these trips. We know that no company is perfect and despite over 95% of our student trekkers scoring 9/10 or higher, we know that we can always do better! As such, here are five key areas we are looking to improve upon for our upcoming August trip departures and the 2019 season:

  1. A better, more functional registration system. We launched an in-house registration system in August of last year with the view of providing a better experience for all our climbers and offering an ‘online hub’ for challenge information packs, FAQ’s, flight details etc. Unfortunately, our developers let us down on this and it was a mere shell of what we envisioned. However, now we are excited to launch a much-improved second version come August.

  2. A more clearly laid out roadmap from sign up to summit. One of the things we pride ourselves on at Choose a Challenge is providing a safe, secure and reliable path into adventure travel. Believe it or not, the larger C in our logo is designed to represent security and support. As we move forward and grow, we'll be taking all feedback into account this year and borrowing from key guides, videos, and blogs that you've recommended to improve our journey from 'sign up' to summit. Part of this journey will also include student testimonials and tips from previous trekkers because nobody wants to listen to just us. We believe it's always better to hear it from someone whose been in those walking boots themselves.

  3. A higher level of ‘reality’ when it comes to explaining the difficulty level of our treks. One of the overriding bits of feedback, we took from this season, was that we need to emphasise the fact that we really are a challenge events company rather than a vacation company. Our events are hard and we will strive to be much more transparent in this regard as we move forward. It's always better to oversell the difficulty than leave people struggling.

  4. Better pre-departure meetings with in-person opportunities to ask our team questions you may have about the trek. It was our first full year in the USA and adapting our approach to the marketplace and translating all of our literature has been a fun experience, but perhaps one of the things we lost was our personal connection to our climbers. Next year we’ll be looking to reach out to all our participants through more in-person meetings, Facebook live FAQ sessions and in-person pre-departure meetings, as well as training our leaders on every aspect of the Choose a Challenge journey.

  5. Working even closer with our charity partners to ensure a consistent level of support is provided to our teams. Fundraising $4,000-$6,000 is a challenge and we always say that with Choose a Challenge, the overseas challenge itself isn’t the only hardship. However, we should be proactive in ensuring this journey is as supported as possible. As such we’ll be working much more closely with all on charity partners through the coming season to ensure every trekker, whether they are raising $3,000 or $10,000 or are from a team of 2 or a team of 40 are as well supported as the next.


We'll be releasing our full feedback report from our 2018 trips, once are August trekkers have completed their adventures. But for now stay safe, have a great summer and keep in touch with us about your next great adventure!