It's time to celebrate the achievement of a lifetime

Our extension trips are totally separate from your fundraising targets as they are not designed to be challenging and are all about having fun, celebrating your accomplishments and enjoying the company of your new found friends. Whether that involves dune buggying through the sandy desert , rafting through white waters, jeep safaris in some of the world's best wild destinations or simply relaxing on golden white sand beaches - you can read all about the extension trips we offer on your team's challenge page, using the navigation bar above.

Our extension trips offer incredible value as the expensive part of actually getting to your destination is already covered by your fundraising targets! Check out some highlights here:

"I'm convinced, how do I sign up?"

You will need to log back in to your challenge portal and add on the extension package to your booking by Friday February 16th.*

*We may be able to accommodate extra bookings after this date, but it is almost certain that the price you will pay will be significantly higher due to supplier imposed costs and changing flight dates.

If you know your way around the challenge portal, go ahead and use the login button here or at the top right of your screen and make any desired changes, otherwise watch this useful how-to video below:

Step-By-Step Guide:

1 .    Login to the reg. portal, using the details you used when you signed up.

2.    Select My Bookings Bookings.

3.    Click the Edit button on the right, on the booking you wish to edit.

4.    Skip through the edit screen until you reach the Optional Extras pane.

5.    On the Optional Extras pane, select the extension trip you wish to add.

6.    Click Next.

7.   Click Pay and Update.

You're all set! Congratulations on booking the extension trip of a lifetime!

One Last Thing...

Just a head's up, your extension trip balance payments will be due from March 5th, 2018. This payment will be charged automatically, however you're welcome to pay on your own through your portal beforehand.

If you would like to add or remove the extension trip option, please go into your registration portal and change your selection. Once again if you have any trouble at all, please email with your questions. 

For anyone who missed our update on our minor change to the Everest Base Camp Chitwan Safari Extension you can read all about what we were thinking in making this change here. Ethical Travel has always been at the heart of our business and whether on a challenge or an extension trip we will never shy away from making changes to our tours to adhere to our ethical travel charter.