The 6 Keys to Philanthropy

6 things to keep in mind the next time your fraternity or sorority chapter organizes a charity fundraiser:

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Here at Choose a Challenge we specialize in organizing once in a lifetime trips for college students. For a lot of our trekkers, philanthropy is a big part of their life and even those who give back regularly (i.e members of fraternities and sororities) need to keep finding ways to attract people to give back as well. For these greek life groups, fulfilling a semester's worth of philanthropy requirements and organizing charity fundraisers can sometimes be tricky. However with a renewed sense of innovation and some outside the box thinking, your next fundraiser could be your best one yet:


  1. Inclusion:
    • Inclusion begins with the decision to see every person with value and as a single community contributing differently, but equally. Working together yields much better results overall and with greater efficiency.
  2. Transparency
    • This is required to solidify inclusion because it builds trust. No one wants to be included in something they can’t rely on! People want to know their money is being used as they think it is, that it’s being used responsibly, and the direct impact they’re having. This allows them to trust you, to recommend you, to tell you when we err, and to choose giving to your future fundraisers again.”
  3. Empowerment
    • Empowerment is the act of giving people greater authority and autonomy. Essentially, it’s giving people a voice. It starts with giving people responsibility as part of the whole by providing the knowledge and tools to participate. Empowerment is fueled by inclusion and transparency: no one can truly feel empowered without feeling valued and informed.
  4. Collaboration
    • This means working together but you can also use this word to mean supporting one another. With an interdisciplinary team, you’re able to explore a wider spectrum of tactics and solutions.
  5. Uniqueness/Innovation
    • Making your fundraising approach different, unique and valuable to the donor. Finding ways to give them more and make them feel a part of the experience will only give them a greater sense of satisfaction. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and organize something you think will really resonate with other students on campus.
  6. Celebration
    • Acknowledging what you accomplished, sharing those accomplishments and seeing the change your efforts have made.

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