A Unique Day and a unique opportunity


Since 2012, its first year in existence, Giving Tuesday has become an international holiday for philanthropic giving during which various causes across the world raise millions of dollars for their programs. In 2017 over $300 million was raised for charity over the course of this one day!

As challenge leaders and team members this is also a great opportunity for you and your teammates to accomplish a great deal of your fundraising no matter which one of our charity partners you are supporting. We’ve put together some of our best suggestions from the pros about how to set up a successful Giving Tuesday campaign so you can put a big dent in your goals!

**This year Giving Tuesday is November 27th, 2018**

Most Important things to Consider

Before we get into how to set up for a successful Giving Tuesday, there is some important information from the social media platforms involved that you need to consider. First off, the vast majority of donations made on social media on Giving Tuesday are done on Facebook and that is for one very big reason. Facebook will match donations!! In partnership with PayPal, Facebook is pledging to match donations made on Facebook to non-profits up to $7 million total during the day-long event. Essentially, for every dollar that is donated to a non-profit through your Facebook fundraisers, the company will match it with a dollar of there own thus doubling the contribution made to your charity. That is why this day is such an amazing opportunity to knock your fundraising out out of the park!

Here are the main things to consider about Facebook’s pledge:

  • Facebook and PayPal will start matching donations at 8:00 am ET (5:00am PT) on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. The matching offer will expire when $7 million in donations is reached or at 11:59 pm PT on November 27.

  • Donations will be matched dollar for dollar on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Matched donations will be paid out through Network for Good in mid-January 2019. Donor contributions will continue to be paid out the way your nonprofit typically receives donations from Facebook. 

  • You'll receive an update email from Facebook about donations made on Giving Tuesday, including matched donations, after November 29, 2018.

Make sure to be prepared for that 8:00 am start and realize that with so many fundraisers $7 million actually goes quickly so get on it early to receive those matches from Facebook.

Have a Unique Campaign Theme

Giving Tuesday does have its own theme, but to set your fundraiser apart, it is very important that you sculpt your own them as well. For the purposes of the Choose A Challenge program this can be rather easy, look into some of the projects, personal stories, and content provided by our charity partners so donors can connect to your campaign. Furthermore, be sure to include your charity’s logos, photos, and videos to spice up your fundraiser.

Check out this social media toolkit put together by the #GivingTuesday organization for how to best capitalize on your fundraising via social media.

Timing Is Everything

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Make sure to plan out your event ahead of time and also make sure that everyone in your social network (friends, family, coworkers, teachers, etc.) is well aware of how/when they can participate in your event. Having a cohesive plan put together prior to Giving Tuesday will go a long way towards capitalizing on the few hours you have, especially those immediately after 8 am, to smash your fundraising campaign. Prompting people beforehand will also prepare your donor base for what to look out for and give them time to think; if you wait too long to let them know about your Giving Tuesday fundraiser, you may miss out on the opportunity to get those matches from Facebook.

Acknowledge Donors + Small Gifts

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No donation is too small and no supporter is unimportant! While you are running your fundraiser there will be several people supporting your efforts by giving donations of all sizes but they are equally important. Make it clear to everyone from the offset that a donation of any amount is welcome and very much appreciated but also personally thank those who have done so. What goes around comes around; if you show people that you truly value their contribution, not only are they more likely to donate again but others will feel similarly encouraged to support your efforts and feel more connected to what you are aiming to achieve. This advice is also great to apply to your fundraising in general, it will pay its dividends in the end.

Use Live Events

Live events on Facebook and Instagram are a popular and engaging way to keep people involved in your fundraiser and provide a great way to crowdsource. Host live events throughout your #GivingTuesday campaign and notify people beforehand when you will be live so they know when to tune in and receive live updates on how your fundraiser is going. Below we’ve listed a couple ideas for how to keep your live event interesting and entertaining for your donors:

  1. Talk about the issues that your cause is addressing with the money that you are raising and the lives that are impacted in the process.

  2. Personally thank those who donate.

  3. Consider including some sort of personal challenge (ex: carrying buckets of water for x distance out of support for those who walk miles to obtain clean water every day).

  4. Involve your audience!

  5. Interview passersby or students on campus about what charitable giving means to them.

  6. Use effective imagery and scenery.

Think Multichannel


While there is a ton of fundraising done via Facebook on Giving Tuesday, there is still plenty that can be accomplished through other social media channels. To craft a truly effective campaign use all of the channels at your disposal (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, to name a few) and make sure they are all linked to one fundraiser, likely the one you set up on Facebook, to cover all your bases. You will reach a larger audience using this tactic but you will also grab the attention of those that prefer one platform to another and missed one of your notifications from another site.

Other things to Consider…

Spread the Hashtag

As you might have noticed at times throughout this blog, Giving Tuesday is sometimes referenced as #GivingTuesday. This hashtag title for the event is no mistake, instead it underscores the relevance that #GivingTuesday has in social media circles and how to best market your campaign. Using the hashtag in the build up to your event and during will connect you to anyone who is searching for Giving Tuesday events on social media thus broadening your reach.

Make it fun!!!

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You are doing some serious good in fundraising for your various causes but that doesn’t mean how you do it has to be serious too. Make your campaign fun for both yourself and those donating to your cause and your fundraiser will greatly benefit. People want to see that you are enjoying what you are doing and will want to be a part of that positive energy, which will speak for itself. Dress up in a turkey costume and post funny pictures for everyone donation! Go for a Polar Plunge if you reach your goal! Celebrate you donors in style! Do whatever you think you will enjoy while also making it enjoyable for your audience.

Use Giving Tuesday Resources + #MYGIVINGSTORY

As mentioned above, but reiterated here, use the plentiful social media resources at your disposal, including the Giving Tuesday social media toolkit to help you craft the perfect online fundraiser for Nov. 27th.

There is also a unique opportunity offered to those fundraising during Giving Tuesday called #MyGivingStory. All you have to do is submit an essay about your fundraising efforts with a photo or video story before November 30th and the share it via social media encouraging people to vote for your story. Votes will be counted Dec. 7th and the top 20 vote-earning stories can potential win thousands of dollars in donations for the charity of their choice! Check out #MyGivingStory to learn more about the opportunity.

Be sure to check our other blogs and on our social media channels for more fundraising, leading, and trip advice useful now and for future endeavors!

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