Seasonal fundraisers should be a mainstay of your fundraising calendars. While Christmas carolling in December, organising a speed dating event on Valentines day or delivering eggs at Easter eggs may seem old hat they can be surprisingly effective at getting closer to your fundraising goals. The well worn adage of give a little to get a lot is a tried and tested formula however Halloween can sometimes be overlooked. So here’s just one not-so-spooky fundraising idea, from the team here at Choose a Challenge to make the most of your October 31st.


Reverse Trick or Treating

This innovative idea comes straight from one of our 2017 fundraisers. Hannah spent around $30 buying some paper pumpkin cut outs, small gift bags and candy which she then made up into little gift bags and delivered around the neighbourhood. Inside each bag she placed a small printed note introducing herself as a neighbour, talking about the mission of the charity she was supporting and mentioning that she was hiking to Machu Picchu in the Spring to raise awareness and money for the cause. She then linked her fundraising page and mentioned that any donations would be highly welcome. She then celebrated Halloween herself and waited for the donations to roll in. For this fundraiser she made up 100 bags which cost a little over 50cents each and then spent half a day prepping the materials, printing her handouts and delivered them early that evening. All in, with less than $30 and 6 hours work, she received over $700 worth of donations.

We love this idea because of it’s simplicity, relativeness and reliance on the old fashioned truth that you should give a little to get a lot!

Good luck to all of you who have fundraisers planned for this week and remember to make use of our fundraising guide throughout the year for hints and tips to hit those fundraising goals.

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