Gotta Love That Cold Weather

...Just kidding

As I woke up early this morning I noticed some unexpected snowfall outside my window. A rush of thoughts poured into my mind like "Getting to work is going to be a nightmare," and "How am I supposed to get in my pre-work run in this weather?"

Later on, I realized that there's a good chance I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. The cold weather has already affected my workouts a few times this winter season (especially running). So after doing some research, trying a few new things out myself and some solid advice from a friend who actually runs Iron Man races (I swear he does this voluntarily) I've created a list of six tips that are sure to help you combat the cold and stay on track during your winter workout

 For more, check out our blog for related posts including   Trekker Fitness Trips  and preparing for  High Altitude Climbing  

For more, check out our blog for related posts including
 Trekker Fitness Trips and preparing for High Altitude Climbing 

Monthly Spotlight:

BU Challenge Leaders Give Back

At the end of January, Boston University Challenge Leaders, Noelle Fallacara and Lexa Nutter made a new friend in two and a half year old, Mella. She is our first ever B+ Hero in our partnership with the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, which raises money for childhood cancer research and supports families affected by cancer. Noelle and Lexa will be leading their team to Everest Base Camp this May. For more on their trip click here.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Hike ‘More Than Just One Student Trip’

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The Sun (Osceola, WI)
Osceola grad plans Mount Kilimanjaro ascent

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One Last Thing

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Join us in wishing Ash all the best as this past Tuesday was her last day here at the company. She was one of our Challenge Events Coordinators and one of the first few team members to join our Choose a Challenge USA family. Good luck Ash we know you'll do great! 👏👏

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It's shaping up to be an exciting month for us here at Choose a Challenge and we can't wait to share more with you!