So in our last update our #Kili01🇺🇸 team have arrived in country and were preparing for their briefing and acclimatization day. In Todays update they have set off on Day 1 of their trek.....

The team at about 0700 local time all set to take on the 5 day trek.

The team at about 0700 local time all set to take on the 5 day trek.

Today started early with breakfast, followed by a 45-minute drive from Moshi, which is already approximately 910m ASL, to the Machame Gate at 1828m ASL. Here they met with their vast team of guides and porters who prepared and packed the supplies and all personal equipment at the gate before beginning the first days walking.

The team, after registering at the gate office, began their ascent through the rain forest. There is normally a strong possibility of rain in the forest, which transforms the trail into a very soggy, muddy and slippery experience but all reports so far is that although it has been wet underfoot it has remained dry and relatively sunny for day 1 of the climb. The team have now reached Machame camp at 3020m after almost 6 hours on foot.  Here, the porters who arrived at the camp many hours before the team, will have dinners and their prepared tents waiting for them. 

The team will eat together before having their first nights sleep on the mountain. Night temperatures will already dropping to freezing point and below, at this relatively low altitude, giving everyone a taste of what is to come.

Tomorrow the team heads up across the Shira Plateau to Shira Camp and we will look to update on their progress along with any first opinions we get back from the team.