The holidays are here!

It is the beginning of naturally everyone is talking about what they want for the holidays! To help you (and your parents) choose gifts for your stocking this holiday season, we thought we would put together a list of our “Stocking Filler Favorites” to not only get you a great gift, but also to help you out for your upcoming trek and get a head start on prepping for your packing list!

Today happens to be a new holiday of savings, Green Monday! Target, Walmart, and other major retailers have some great sales going on today so be sure to check it out today!

Money Belt

The reason this one tops the list is due to it being so versatile. Chances will use this not only on your trek this summer but for travelling around for a number of years to come. If you have not already invested in a money belt, it is definitely worth doing so before your next adventure. You will be able to fit your passport, money, phone and any other prized possessions in your money belt (if you pick a large enough size) and keep this all in one place. This will keep them safely stowed under your clothes while exploring a city. 

How Much? $19-$30
Where? REITarget, Etsy


If you’ve made it this far through university (or life) without owning a pack of cards, now is definitely the time to get some. Typical card games you'd play in college can make for exciting evenings on the trek while hanging out in the mess tent. Whether it be Rummy, Spades, Joker, or anything else you can think of...having a set of cards in your backpack can make for incredibly entertaining evenings on the trek. 

How Much? $5-$10
Where? Amazon, Barnes and Noble


Travel pillow

Luckily, long-haul flight airlines tend to provide a small travel pillow to passengers. However, most are flat and provide little to no comfort while traveling. Investing in a good travel pillow can revolutionize your travel experience. Whether it be sleeping on a flight, providing extra comfort in your tent, or catching some zz’s in a long bus ride, we highly recommend buying a travel pillow. We think it is best to pay a little more to get the best material for you and the one that is the most versatile. 

How Much? $5-$40
Where? Amazon, REI , Etsy, Target (#1), Target (#2)

Travel Journal

Everyone wants to come home and tell everyone about the trip, so it’s very frustrating to come home and not remember every single detail. With a travel journal, you can! Not only is it a great way to note down all of the things you learn along the way, it’s a great way to relax in the evening whilst you’re chilling in your tent or sat by a fire with a hot chocolate. We love the personalised journals from etsy or notonthehighstreet, but you can get some great generic ones too.

How Much? $13-$30
Where? Etsy (#1), Etsy (#2), Amazon (#1), Amazon (#2)


Portable charger

What could be the worst thing that could happen when reaching the top of Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu? Your phone dying before you manage to get the photos you've been waiting for! Making sure you have a reliable portable charger to bring with you can definitely reduce the chances of this happening.

How Much? $20-$30
Where? Amazon, Best Buy, Mophie

Woolly Hat

This is a great investment to be made this holiday season. Many stylish woolly hats are most likely to be in the shops at this time of year, but make sure that the one you purchase isn't meant for just for fashionable purposes. We’d recommend getting one with a thermal lining to ensure it actually keeps your head warm at the top of a mountain.

How much? 
Where? Amazon, REI (Made in Nepal!), North Face


Travel Towel

A quick-drying towel can come in very handy for when you are having a shower mid-trek and require your towel to dry overnight before you head off trekking again. You can get them in a range of sizes. We suggest getting a larger size; while it may not seem such a big deal now, you'll appreciate having a larger towel to dry off on a cold evening especially if you are using an outside shower. Having a warm towel to wrap-around yourself can make all the difference.

How much? $8-$25
Where? Amazon, REI, Etsy, Target


The buff is another versatile item; you can use it to keep your hair off your face, keep your ears warm, use it as a sun-shield or scarf, etc. This is a relatively cheap essential on your gear list. Be sure to grab one early on to test it out before your trek in the summer!

How much? $15-$25
Where? Amazon, Buff, Backcountry


Please understand we are not affiliated or associated with any of the companies listed above. These are only suggestions and cannot guarantee the quality of the equipment.