Oh, the age-old hassle of trying to stay fit over the holidays... Sure, you made it through Thanksgiving and maybe even your Friendsgiving dinner. But are you ready for the onslaught of food-related temptation associated with this month's holidays!? (cue horror movie lighting ⚡️)

Everything from ugly sweater parties, outdoor tailgates, getting snowed in with friends, and any other holiday party will all present the opportunity to eat to your heart's desire. On the surface this all sounds great, but in the long term, is it really worth it? We're here to help you manage the holidays and make sure you enjoy the comforts of holiday home cooking, while not going up a pant size.

  1. Be Active

    • Get out of the house, go skiing, have a snowball fight, go to the gym, workout from home! Whatever you have to do make sure you're aiming to at least involve 30 minutes a day of active activity while you're home from break.

  2. Avoid skipping meals

    • Fasting before a big holiday dinner might sound like a good idea at first, but to make sure you end up 1) not overeating and 2) not in a food coma, we recommend still eating on a regular schedule. It's important to not forget to eat breakfast especially. This will give you the energy you need to help you get through your family's holiday party and all of Aunt Helen's judgy questions about your life.

  3. Compromise on Food

    • The easy thing to say is to just avoid any food with a high-calorie count and tasty essential holiday treats, but then we'd be getting off too easy. It's all about COMPROMISE. Meaning you set realistic limits for yourself such as "If I workout today I can have a little dessert later on," or "I'm going to plan on eating only one plate of food during dinner and will not go back for seconds."

  4. The Buddy System

    • Whether you workout together or just remind the other to not let you get fat, sometimes doing something with a friend will actually help you achieve your own goal. There's a certain degree of accountability in tying your goals in with someone else. This is often a great motivator for that one day your just "really not up to going to the gym." or "eyeing that last leftover cupcake in the fridge." As mentioned before, setting goals, working out with someone and having them share your struggle of not eating everything on the table tends to help. So if you're taking on one of our treks with someone you know from your school maybe it's time to strike up a partnership.

  5. Drink Plenty of Water!

    • This one sounds more like a general health tip, but it actually ties in perfectly with combating overeating on the holidays. It goes without saying, but you should be drinking a good amount of water each day for your overall health anyway, but it can actually be a sneaky ally in curbing your hunger. If you consistently hydrate during the day your stomach will be fuller throughout the day and less likely to crave something or overindulge when eating. So next time you're at a holiday party try to never let your water bottle leave your hand