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Introducing the #HowWeRaise campaign: a look into how all of our student trekkers are raising money for various charities nationwide on social media

How Does it Work?

Simply use the hashtag #HowWeRaise when posting pictures from your next individual or team fundraiser to show everyone your fundraising journey.

We'll be featuring these posts on our own social media channels as well highlighting all the different ways our participants are fundraising and the stories behind each picture. Bringing these stories to life is what this campaign is all about, and what better way to start then by sharing the story of Andrew Burrell:

First Fundraising Target Reached!

We're happy to say that we have our first fundraising target met! Andrew Burrell, of Boston University has successfully raised $6,370 (as of this post), which has already surpassed his original target of $6,000.

The tricky part about fundraising is that there isn't one sure-fire way to do it. With that being said we sat down with Andrew to talk about his story and fundraising experience to shed some light on what worked for him.

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Andrew Burrell

College: Boston University
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing (Questrom School of Business)

1. How did you get involved with Choose a Challenge?

After I heard about the upcoming Mount Everest trip from one of my friends on the dance team, I knew I had to sign up. Cancer is an important subject for me, because my grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 2014, and my mom passed away from liver cancer in 2016. That’s why you will always see me wearing two wristbands – one for breast cancer, and one for liver cancer. I don’t go anywhere without them. The trip also looks insane, and I know my mom would have jumped at this opportunity because we both love traveling the world and being adventurous.

2. What were some of the reasons for you signing up? Was there one that stood out the most?

Pretty much what I said in question one. My mom really inspired me to sign up and get involved. I also love to travel and this looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. How often do you get a chance to climb to Mount Everest?

3. What were people's reactions when they heard you were doing this trip?

Most people were in awe, and some people didn’t even believe me at first. Mount Everest is the legendary mountain you hear about growing up. Everyone knows about it, so it was a pretty big announcement. In general, though, I have gotten incredible support from everyone, with people I don’t even know that well reaching out and saying they’re proud of me and happy for me. I’m just really excited to be making a difference for this cause.

4. How did you get the word out about your fundraising campaign?

Social media has been incredibly effective for me. I have posted multiple times on Facebook, and have also sent personalized messages as well. I’ve posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat as well. My dad has also spread the word by texting/calling a lot of his friends.

5. What was your most successful fundraiser or method of raising money?

I sent an email about the trip to my high school headmaster, and she forwarded it to everyone in the school, both faculty, and students. Her assistance has been incredibly helpful, and I received a lot of donations from my high school family.

6. What was your biggest challenge with fundraising in your opinion and why?

My biggest challenge has been customizing the messages and emails I send out to people. I failed to receive any donations in the opening weeks because I was just sending generic messages to a lot of different people. It’s a little more work personalizing each message, but it has been much more successful for me.

7. What was your favorite part of fundraising so far?

Seeing the generosity of so many people, and realizing how many people care about this cause and what I am doing. I am amazed at how many people have stepped up for me. Honestly, my favorite part is seeing a notification that someone has donated, and then calling them to thank them. That has been really enjoyable for me.

8. What advice would you give other students raising money for their trips?

Be persistent! People won’t think less of you if you tell them about your trip, and even follow up with them a second or third time. It’s a tremendous cause, and you should be proud to tell people what you are doing. Facebook messaging, text messaging, and phone calls have been really effective for me. A lot of people have said they think emails are the best way to fundraise, but in my opinion, emails aren’t as personal and haven’t been as effective for me. You obviously won’t get donations from everyone you contact, but it is important to keep telling people about your trip. Don’t stop! Even though I have been lucky enough to reach my goal already, I will keep fundraising as much as possible until the time of our trip.


Already Have Pictures from your Fundraising Journey?

Feel free to send them to mike@chooseachallenge.com or any of our social media channels listed below. We look forward to hearing from you and happy fundraising!