Day 2 of our American trip saw us meeting up with the first of our US Charity Partners; Medical Missions for Children. Based out of Boston, MA - MMFC and board member Frank O'Donnell were eager to get on board with the concept behind Choose a Challenge as saw it as a great way to engage students in fundraising and taking on their own personal missions overseas. At it's origins, Medical Missions for Children went to one country to help a handful of children and with a goal. That goal was to build sustainable health care, education and social services infrastructure, thereby enhancing life in the underserved areas of the world. Today, 25 years later, Choose a Challenge are excited to welcome on board MMFC as our first overseas charity partner.

Coupled with MMFC is our fantastic leader Logan De Sica in his fifth year at Pennsylvania State University and looking to achieve something incredible in his fifth and final year at Penn State.

Logan did an exceptional job at filling the room with over 50 potential challenges and we enjoyed meeting the team ready to take on the challenge of climbing to the roof of Africa.

For more information on joining our MMFC and Penn State drop us an email on