Day 3 of our American trip saw us meeting up with the second of our US Charity Partners; The B+ Foundation. The Andrew McDonough B+ (Be Positive) Foundation is one of the largest providers of financial assistance to families of kids with cancer nationwide. They also already have a fantastically strong student programme in the USA which was one of the main reasons Choose a Challenge approached B+ about getting involved in the opportunity.

Working with B+ Foundation for year one is our fantastic leader and volunteer from Boston state Lexa Nutter, originally from Ohio. Lexa saw this as a great chance to give something back whilst taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

And so it was that on a warm and traffic packed evening in Boston we spoke to our second group of over 40 about how they could make an impact on the lives of children across the country and climb Kilimanjaro. It was starting to look like we would have quite a team on board.