We started Choose a Challenge with an aim to work with students and charities to take them away to some of the best challenges in the world whilst raising thousands for a variety of charities and good causes. 8 years on our aims are the same, but now we are coming for you.

We've come along way from our roots in Tanzania, being right there at the beginning when climbing Kilimanjaro was still just a distant dream for most students, but our goal of exploring the best life has to offer and celebrating it together has remained throughout and on top of now running over 50 trips yearly out of the UK for just under 6000 students to almost every continent on the planet we are now live and offering the challenges of a lifetime to students in the USA. 

It's admittedly been a long process of registering ourselves as a US company, learning the 'lingo' and finding ourselves a little space in New York but here we are and over the next two weeks we will be jumping around the East Coast meeting our fantastic charity partners; Medical Missions for Children, The B+ Foundation and Make a Wish Connecticut and our challenge leaders. We will be coming to Pennsylvania State University, Boston University and University of Connecticut and keeping this updated on how it all goes.

So stay tuned to our blog throughout this week and the rest of the year as we keep you abreast on developments, how our teams are progressing, how much is being raised, the odd interview and finally the photos and reports of our teams trekking to the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world.

In the meantime, do check out our website or email us on support@chooseachallenge.com for any more information.