Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation

We help raise money to provide financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer nationwide.

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What is the B+ Foundation?

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation honors the life of Andrew McDonough. Andrew battled leukemia, septic shock and complications of childhood cancer for 167 days before passing away on July 14, 2007, at the age of 14.

Andrew’s B+ blood type became his family’s and friends’ motto throughout his fight against childhood cancer — to “Be Positive”.

The B+ Foundation is about Kids Helping Kids Fight Cancer — raising money to provide financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer nationwide. The B+ Foundation also funds critical, cutting-edge childhood cancer research.

Student Fundraising & Support

If you’re a student who has decided to not only sign up for an adventure with Choose a Challenge, but fundraise for B+ as well, we want to help! It’s our job to help you out in anyway we can during your fundraising journey. Some of the areas we can help you in include:

  • Creating a fundraising strategy plan and timeline

  • Provide new fundraiser ideas for you and your team

  • 1-on-1 support and advice along the way

As your selected charity, we’ve appointed two of our own team members here to provide that support.

How is the charity involved?

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Cora  Program Manager  email:

Program Manager


Carly  Program Director  email:

Program Director


Meet Cora & Carly

“Hi everyone! We are Carly and Cora and we are excited to work with you as your liaisons from The B+ Foundation!
Carly has worked with Choose A Challenge teams for the last three years and serves as our Program Director.
Cora is jumping on board this year as a Program Manager.
Our role is first and foremost to help connect you to our mission and to make sure you know the impact you will have on kids fighting cancer. We will send out weekly emails with fundraising tips, be available for calls to discuss your fundraising plans, and help you in anyway to hit your goal, help kids fighting cancer, and have an incredible trip! We look forward to working with you and are here for help at anytime!”

Fundraising Tools

Media Assets

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Charities can provide media assets to help students create flyers and promote their fundraising efforts on social media. these assets include: logos, favorite blog posts to share, inspiring stories, links to videos, hi-res photos showcasing charity & efforts, etc

Student Fundraising Stories


A collection of blogs written by students who’ve been there before, fundraised for a Choose a Challenge trip before and have offered up their advice for future and current student trekkers

Fundraising Guide

An in-depth guide written by our staff, which includes students who have been Choose a Challenge Campus Leaders and have organized fundraisers with their team in the past. Here’s some of the best ideas we’ve seen over the past few years in one convenient guide

Speak with your charity representative

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Set up a time to chat on the phone, email or—if you’re close enough— meet face to face with your charity representative for fundraising support and advice for you and/or your team

Phone: 701-541-6956 or 845-304-6347


To learn more about this charity, please visit their official website by clicking here