You are probably visiting this page because your son or daughter is thinking about taking on a challenge with us.


Don't worry, we are the absolute experts in student challenge travel.

We have been doing this for over a decade with students and have successfully taken over 10,000 students abroad. 

We understand that for many of our students/families...this will be the first time they are heading abroad on a trip of this size. This is why we work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure each student is guided through the process of getting ready for their trek. Each member of our team is experienced in overseas travel and will be advising based on personal and industry leading travel advice. 

The students travel together as part of a large group and will be met by a member of our team as soon as they arrive in country. From there, they will be in the hands of our experienced guides, porters, hotel staff, chefs, and support team from the first minute through to the last. 

As with all travel, there is an element of risk involved with adventure challenges. However, we firmly believe that by doing it through Choose a Challenge, this risk is minimized especially compared to doing it alone. We have strong in-country connections and a 24/7 support line to help our students if any problems should arise. 

We are more than happy to answer any questions or just have a chat, so please feel to ring our team or head on over to our "why travel with us" page to read more about how we work.